Rat Bastard Customer Care

Rat Bastard Customer Care (Rat Bastard) is an unapologetic, uncompromising, common-sense service model that calls for significant departure from traditional practice in the way customer and technical support representatives manage customers’ expectations and experiences.  It is not intended for companies whose customer and technical support staffs are functioning at high capacity and whose customers are delighted with the service received.


Rat Bastard is recommended for companies whose customers continue to express and experience increased dissatisfaction, despite massive efforts to improve customer satisfaction and substantial investments in resources to improve the customer experience.


Rat Bastard proposes a  is a 10-step methodology that is committed to the fix. It focuses both, the customer and the technician, on moving the call toward the ultimate fix.  It is designed to improve the representatives’ and customers’ experience by (a) cutting out superfluous chatter, (b) setting expectations based upon service level objectives, (c) adhering to service level agreements – making clear the responsibilities of the customer and the company, (d) using clear and concise language to help customers identify and explain their experience, (e) focusing on the fix, and (f) moving the call through to closure following a standard operating procedure.


Under no circumstances does the Rat Bastard model advocate or tolerate rude, short-sighted, ill-tempered behavior from customer and technical support agents or customers!


Rat Bastard is committed to the fix!




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